App Control Led Matrix Car Sign 12V Led Screen Full Color Display Your Custom Messages Sign Maker DIY Display Programmable

RGB LED Car Sign Supports You Upload Pictures from Your Album to Display, Adaptive image size, clear display text, animation, picture, calendar, dial, time, countdown, neon letter, graphic

Easy program and fast send your messages by your phone:

To express yourself, a better way to show your personality, keep safe, keep Courtesy, Have a nice day!

* Multi-language supports
* Display your any pictures
* A Programmable neon sign show 3d sign letters
* Auto ON/OFF, you set the time, then the RGB screen will be turned on or turn off as per your setting
* Partitioning Feature
* Mirror features are waiting you.

Display your custom images from Leadleds Shenzhen Store with Shenzhen Technology, the WiFi RGB led display with Mirror feature, good looking in your rearview mirror.


Download App:

For Android phone app download            IOS phone app download
For Android Phone       For iOS


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