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Get up to 10% or more in commissions on successful referrals. Earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, not just the products you advertised. Plus, our competitive conversion rates help you maximize your earnings.

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Leadleds Affiliate Program

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       Leadleds Affiliate Program


Marry owns an online store. Almost every type of gadget can be found on it,
which has attracted a lot of customers. Marry constantly recommends leadleds
products to its users and attaches product links. Users click the product links and
buy from the leadleds Online Store. This earns commission.



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Though Mina doesn't own a website, she is a huge fan of leadleds products.
She writes posts introducing leadleds products and adds product links, then
posts them on Facebook, Twitter, online forums and business forums.  
Mina's posts attract many viewers, and She even earns money without a personal website.




leadleds Affiliate


David is the webmaster of a music website. He attracts a lot of traffic
by making tutorial videos, recommending wearable Led signs worth buying
and updating the latest news from the personality led sign industry.
David developed this website out of an interest in portable Led sign, but now
he also makes profit from it as a leadleds Affiliate.



What should I know before becoming an affiliate?

Leadleds Affiliate Program
30-day cookie period:
Orders made within 30 days of clicking your link will be considered an affiliate sale.

When will I receive a commission:
Leadleds Affiliates will receive commission 15 days after the customer confirms the sale,
assuming no refund is requested during this period.

What types of promotion are not permitted:
To keep the Leadleds Affiliate Program as fair as possible, certain promotional methods
are not permitted, including but not limited to distributing false information and
internet traffic interception.

Do I earn a commission if an order is paid for with coupons:
No. Orders paid with coupons will not yield commissions.

If you share a referral link for a particular product, but a customer ends up purchasing
another product, the commission will be calculated based on the product they purchased.

You are more likely to be invited if you:
1) Have your own website or blog with original content or videos featuring technology,
music, dance, and/or other related products.

2) Post affiliate links or advertisements prominently and consistently.

3) Generate over $4,000 in sales per month.



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