Custom Orders

Shenzhen Jingzhi Electronic Technology Co,Ltd locate in Shenzhen China. Mainly dedicating in led displays, include R & D, design, producation and export.

1. Our products mainly:
Led displays, indoor led displays, outdoor led displays, remote led displays, wireless led signs, led bus displays, led car displays, single color led display, bicolor led display, tricolor and full color led display, led badge.

2. Full-automated process
We own whole LED manufacturing process in-house with 2,000sqm., complete LED production process.

3. QC procedure
Throughout the process, professional integraph scan, adjust brightness, amend angles, white balance, vibration and aging tests waterproof standards, luminance test.

4. Quality Insurance
QC-7 step process
Inspection Process Quality Control
Final Quality Insurance
Outgoing Quality Control.

5. Training
Our led displays all are using friendly. We also supply free of charges training including process of operation, installation, maintenance, system set up, equipment protection.

6. Technology support
Free of charge online support. If necessary, we can send our eningeers to guide you.

7. After-Service.
Free of charge technology support during the lifelong.
After Warranty, only charge the material costs fees.

Principles: response in time, solve problems as soon as possible with high efficient.
Period: In the Maintenance period of the LED display, free of all maintenance charges.

8. R&D team
From design, research and complete LED display products.

9. R&D test Lab, equipment
Own independent Technology & science institute, updated equipments, excellent engineers.

10. Certification approval

11. Export countries and regions.
Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, France, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, South Africa, Egypt, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia etc.