Leadleds P5 LED Taxi Top Display Waterproof, Wireless Car Roof Advertising Led Sign 96 x 32cm 2-side
Display Function: Text Multi-language/Symbol/Number/Graphic/Video/Picture/Animation/Clock/TimingModel Number: LLDP5-64192RGB-CARUsage: OUTDOOR Waterproof, High level of vibration-proof, Reach to 100MKbps by 4G communicationTube Chip Color: Full Color Super BrightBrand Name: LeadledsPixels: 5mm,  display clearly P5 LED taxi top led display, wireless P5  car roof advertising led sign 960mm...
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Leadleds Car Top Led Video Sign Waterproof Double Sided Wireless Taxi Roof Ads Led Sign, 96 x 32cm
Car Roof Ads Waterproof Double Sided WiFi 3G 4G(LTE) Control Led Video Display Display Function: Text Multi-language/Symbol/Number/Graphic/Video/Picture/Animation/Clock/Timing, double sided full color display, with lighting box TAXI on the 2 sidesModel Number: LLDP5-64192RGB-CARUsage: OUTDOOR Waterproof, High level of vibration-proof, Reach to 100MKbps by 4G communication, WiFi Program...
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Leadleds Outdoor Led Sign Fast Program Message Board by Ethernet, 40in
Outdoor LED Display Advertising Wall Screen Brand Name: LeadledsTube Chip Color: RedUsage: OutdoorModel Number: LLDP10-1696R-DODisplay Function: TEXT, symbol, number Pixels: 10mm Frame Size  :  40"x9.4"x 3.5"  (104x24x9cm) Model Number:  LLDP10-1696R-DO Number of display color: red  color messageUsage: outdoor, semi-outdoorPixels :16 x 96 Pixel ,    Pitch:10 mm...
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Leadleds 30" Custom Car Window Sign Scrolling Message by TCP/IP Fast Program, Red
This custom car window sign sends the message by TCP/IP, the fast way to program your message. This TCP/IP led sign is possible to program this led sign via your local network without it being plugged into a computer. You're able to...
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Leadleds 3G 4G WiFi GPS Control Led Video Screen Taxi Roof Advertising DC9V-36V, Double-sided
Full Color LED Car Tops Taxi Roof Advertising Video Screen by Cloud Control Leadleds Taxi Roof Video Led Display is a new type of electronic media advertising with an elegant and attractive appearance, mainly installed on taxis or vehicles as...
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