Light Up the Party

Ever feel like normal glasses are not enough for you? Do you like to impress your friends? These led glasses are the best choice for you! They have a long battery life, I can connect to the app quickly, the app is really easy to navigate through. These things are just really cool.

Works absolutely fantastic! Every time I go to concerts or conventions, I always get at least 10 compliments and "Nice shades, where did you get them?!", and every time I recommend Leadleds LED glasses to everybody!


Human design, wear comfortable, built-in battery, battery capacity 180mAH, charging 2 hours for 5 hours use. By Bluetooth to update message, suitable for Android 4.3 or Apple 7.0 versions, cool LED display glasses for party, dance, concert.

Ability display Text, Animation, Music Rhythm, Graffiti. 

Express Yourself Now by this LED glasses Now! 

led glasses

led display glasses

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