Leadleds P5 LED Taxi Top Display Waterproof, Wireless Car Roof Advertising Led Sign 96 x 32cm 2-side
Display Function: Text Multi-language/Symbol/Number/Graphic/Video/Picture/Animation/Clock/TimingModel Number: LLDP5-64192RGB-CARUsage: OUTDOOR Waterproof, High level of vibration-proof, Reach to 100MKbps by 4G communicationTube Chip Color: Full Color Super BrightBrand Name: LeadledsPixels: 5mm,  display clearly P5 LED taxi top led display, wireless P5  car roof advertising led sign 960mm...
  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
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Leadleds 3G 4G WiFi GPS Control Led Video Screen Taxi Roof Advertising DC9V-36V, Double-sided
Full Color LED Car Tops Taxi Roof Advertising Video Screen by Cloud Control Leadleds Taxi Roof Video Led Display is a new type of electronic media advertising with an elegant and attractive appearance, mainly installed on taxis or vehicles as...
from $1,799.00
  • White Frame
  • Black Frame
  • Silver Frame
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Leadleds Car Top Led Video Sign Waterproof Double Sided Wireless Taxi Roof Ads Led Sign, 96 x 32cm
Car Roof Ads Waterproof Double Sided WiFi 3G 4G(LTE) Control Led Video Display Display Function: Text Multi-language/Symbol/Number/Graphic/Video/Picture/Animation/Clock/Timing, double sided full color display, with lighting box TAXI on the 2 sidesModel Number: LLDP5-64192RGB-CARUsage: OUTDOOR Waterproof, High level of vibration-proof, Reach to 100MKbps by 4G communication, WiFi Program...
from $1,799.00
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Leadleds 3G 4G WiFi Control P2 HD Indoor LED Moving Message Signs Billboard Display, 32 x 12 in
3G 4G WiFi control indoor P2 led signs for business high definition televisions, great for yard signs, open sign, hotel sign  1. No matter where you are, you can program and send video by 3G or 4G, e.g. this smart led sign...
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Leadleds Outdoor Programmable Led Player 4G Communicate Long Distance Control Multicolor
Full Color 4G Wireless Smart Outdoor Advertising Led Screen Display ➣Mount this led sign in your office, you can control the led message at your home even over 1000 miles or more far away ➣Support cloud 3G/4G publishing ➣No need to...
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Leadleds 1.36M Outdoor Led Open Sign Neon Scrolling Message Board 4G Programmable Remotely Control
Outdoor Led Signs long Distance Remotely Programmable Message Board ‘I am on a business trip, my office in another city in my country, I want to public an important notification to this business sign’ -- use this led sign via our cloud...
from $539.00
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