New Mobile Advertising Tool for Commercial Campaign - Led Hat Lights

Do you want your hat showing the scrolling message like ‘I love you’ ❤❤ or ‘Thank you’ ❀❀in some special occasions?

Put this hat on, it shows your messages highly impressive, message scrolling, bubbling, up and down, it makes you become superstar in this important moment.

You can rely on these fantabulous features:
★ Program message by your smart phone, support IOS & Android system

★ Display animations
★ Allow you draw your company LOGO or your favourite symbols by the App and showing on this hat

★ Adjustable brightness and moving speed
★ Connect more hats' Bluetooth in same time, you can send same message to 2 or 3 or more hats in same time

★ Operation only 3.7V, very safety
★ Hat made by cotton ❀❀material that feeling comfortable

Want to show your personality message now? Grab one for yourself from the links below, you can find this hat led on leadleds store:

☄ Office store:

☄ Amazon US.:
☄ Amazon UK:

☄ Aliexpress Global store:


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