Leadleds P5 Wifi Scrolling Led Sign Message Board Working with Smartphone Tablet Android iOS
☛ Get 10% OFF on this WiFi Led Sign when entering the code Leadleds007 at checkout. Great LED Moving Message Board For Your Business!  This Money Making Machine Constantly Displays Your Own Messages, Catches the Customers' Attention, Brings Them Into...
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  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • RGYW
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Leadleds 1.36M Outdoor Led Signs WiFi Led Display Programmable Message Sign for Business and Store
Outdoor Led Signs WiFi programmable by your smartphone, Compatibility Android or iOS Brand Name: LeadledsModel Number: LLDP10-16128RGY-DOis_customized: YesUsage: Outdoor waterproofTube Chip Color: RGYPixels: 16*128Screen Dimension: 1360x240x90mm(Single Side), 1360x240x180mm(Double-sided)Showing method: static/moving/scrolling/running etcPackaging Details: EPE+carton+woodenDisplay Function: text//time/date/graphics/number/image/animation P10 SMD Outdoor waterproof RGY 3 color...
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Leadleds LED Bulletin Board Programmable by Phone for School, Storefront, Multicolored
This led signboard is the best sale enhancer, increases your business obviously, gets high attention!  By Smartphone send messages compatibility Android and iOS Multiple languages supported Scrolling message vivid color   * Aluminum frame size options: 30 x 6 inches or...
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Leadleds WiFi Led Messager Marquee Sign Board for Advertising Display
Get Classic or Customized Banners to Suit Your Effective Promotional Needs.P5mm 32x128 Pixel Smd Full-color WiFi LED Sign Indoor Shop Window Programmable Scrolling Display Board Brand Name: LeadledsModel Number: LLDP5-32128RGB Usage: Indoor/window/semi-outdoor Tube Chip Color: Full ColorDisplay Function: Animation/Text/Time/Graphic/Number/Symbol or Full Color Picture/Video...
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66x15in Electronic Led Panel Outdoor Waterproof Full Color Super Bright Message by LAN Programming
Outdoor Waterproof Video Display LED Panel Super Bright LAN Fast Programmable Brand Name: LeadledsDisplay Function: Video/Text/Animation/Symbol/timeUsage: Outdoor waterproof aluminum frameTube Chip Color: Full Color Led Video Display Board LED PanelPixels: 10mmShowing method: static/moving/scrolling/running etcPackaging Details: EPE+inner box+carton+woodenOff-line display, playing your...
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43 x 28in Outdoor Led Panel Video Sign Board Waterproof Super Bright Message by LAN Programming
* This outdoor led video sign process time 5-7 business days* Shipping by DHL/FEDEX express, shipping takes 5-6 business days to your doorsteps.Brand Name: LeadledsDisplay Function: Video/Text/Animation/Symbol/timeUsage: Outdoor waterproofTube Chip Color: Full Color Led Video Display Board LED PanelPixels: 8mmShowing...
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Leadleds Remote Programmable Led Sign Scrolling Message Board Multi language Business Sign, 26 x 4in
"The Most Great Invention For Your Business, Your Ad Messages on the LED Sign, Seamless Promotion!" -100pcsSize H 4 x L 26 x D 1-in Display Size: H 3 x L 24-in Display Color: RED Languages: English and European languagesViewing Distance: Up...
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Leadleds Remote Led Display Scrolling Multicolored Message Board for Business, 30 by 6 in
Leadleds specializing in the production of LED Sign, include: Remote LED Sign, Wifi LED Sign, Bluetooth Led Sign, USB LED Sign, Use for indoor and outdoor  Happy Leadleds LED Signs, Great LED Scrolling Message Board for Your Business! This Money...
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Leadleds 64 x 224cm Outdoor Video Screen SMD Super Bright HD by Smart Phone WiFi Program
Display Function: VideoBrand Name: LeadledsTube Chip Color: Full ColorUsage: Outdoor waterproof single sideStructure: Made of 2 heavy-duty cabinetsModel Number: LLDP10-64224RGB-DOPixels: 10mmWhole Size: 25" x 88" ( 64x224x15cm)Waterproof: Yes OFF-line operation: It can be stored message and display without connecting any device By this led sign own dedicated wifi through your...
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99cm P5 HD Full Color LED Video Sign Board by Phone & U Disk Fast Program, Support Android & iOS
We're sure you need this HD Full-Color WIFI LED Video Display which program and send messages by your Smart Phone for your business and information notice.  Use Your Phone Change Message, Compatibility Android & iOS Display Video--- Yes Display Picture----Yes Display Animation---Yes Display Time------------Yes Display...
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Leadleds 26" Full Color Office Signs Scrolling 7 Colors Text Images, Easy Programmable by phone, Indoor Use for Office, School, Storefront, Church
Scrolling LED sign! Programmable message by iPhone, Android Phone and Tablet, Free App, download from App Store and Google Play, Friendly and easy to use The suitable size! 26 x 4-inch, 16W x 128L dots, support up to 200 programs,...
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Leadleds Remote Led Sign Programmable Scrolling Message Business Sign 40 by 6 in, Multicolored
Great Remote Programmable LED Business Sign 7 Colors Display 3-in-1 LED, 2048 dots display your message, vivid display 20 display actions 10 levels brightness 100 messages can be save Messages can choose to display by press the numeric keys Support...
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Leadleds Outdoor Video Display Waterproof Super Bright, 768 x 768mm
Use this Super Bright Outdoor Video Display Waterproof to display your advertisement and information Offline display, don't need to connect any device when playing the video.Super bright, the outdoor application only.Spec.: Size: 768 x 768 mmColor: Full ColorDisplay Ability: Video/Text/Picture/Time/3D Text/Animation/Office/SWFVideo...
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Leadleds 40in Outdoor Led Sign Board Wireless Fast Programmable Super Bright Message Board
40 X 9.5 inches LED Display Outdoor P10mm Android iOS WIFI rapid Programmable Led Sign Scrolling Message Board for store Business Frame Size  :  40"x9.4"x 3.5"  (104x24x9cm) Model Number:  LLDP10-WIFI1696R Number of display color: red  color messageUsage :outdoor, semi-outdoorPixels :16 x 96 Pixel ,     Pitch:10...
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Leadleds Custom Outdoor Signs Multicolor Message Board for Advertising, 122 x 15in
Increase visibility outdoor led signs for digital advertising to attract customers and strengthen your brand, the outdoor led screen is proven to have the highest marketing return on investment, and easy to send messages by your phone. Display Function: Graphics/Text/Image/Number/AnimationPixels:...
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Leadleds WiFi Digital Signage Scrolling Multi Color Message LED Display Board for Your Business Increasing
The Scrolling Led Sign Board Ideal Ads Solution in Coffee, Salon, Exhibition, Store Easy & Fast Program Your Custom Message! Turn on WLAN, connect the led sign’s WIFI hotspot, program, and send your message, No need for any external WiFi...
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Leadleds 40 in Storefront Business Signs Scrolling Message Programmable by Phone, Red
Great LED Moving Message Board For Your Business!  This Money Making Machine Constantly Displays Your Own Messages, Catches the Customers' Attention, Brings Them Into Your Store Among Others!  Imagine Your Business Ad Messages on this LED Sign, Display Your Own...
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Leadleds 104*24cm Storefront LED Sign Waterproof Full Color Led Display Board with Temperature
Program and send your custom message to this led sign by your smartphone, easy and fast program. Outdoor Storefront Led Sign Waterproof Super Bright Real Temperature Display Advertising Highly Visible Brand Name:LeadledsTube Chip Color: Full Color Pixels: 10mmUsage: Outdoor waterproof, super brightnessModel...
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Leadleds Indoor Led Display Electronic Digital Signage Fast Program Multicolor Message, 71 x 39cm
Programmable LED Sign Indoor Scrolling Message Board Capabilities to Your Events with a State-of-the-art Smart Led Sign Program message by windows computer, through a network cable, to transfer message, easy and fast. Display 1 color or 7 colors are available, you...
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66 inch Outdoor LED Video Sign Double Sided Full Color _ Leadleds
66 inch P10 48*160 pixels Outdoor Double Sided RGB SMD Full-Color Video Waterproof LED Display Board Fast Program by LAN Model Number:LLDP10-48160RGBFrame Size (mm) : L 66" x22 H " x D 7" (168x56x18cm)video display size : 160x48 cmPixel Pitch: 10mm SMD...
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Leadleds 30" Custom Car Window Sign Scrolling Message by TCP/IP Fast Program, Red
This custom car window sign sends the message by TCP/IP, the fast way to program your message. Free shipping, delivery by express ships 3-5 business to your doorsteps.Item: LLDP762-1696R Red led signFrame size: 30"(L) x6"(W) x 2.2"(D)  Display size:28.8"(L) x 4.8"(W)Black...
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Leadleds Sidewalk Signs Outdoor Waterproof Multicolored WiFi Program Scrolling Message Board 2M
Tube Chip Color: Full-Color Sidewalk SignsPixels: 10mmUsage: Outdoor waterproofBrand Name: Leadledsis_customized: YesDisplay language: All the languageBrightness: 6000cdPlug type: US/EU/UK/AU etcproduct size: 199x38.4cm = 78 x 15inchesWaterproof: Yes 7 Colors Display single color Or double color or tricolor Or 7 color messages, able...
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  • 7 Colors Display
  • Full Color Display
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Leadleds 40 in Remote Programmable Scrolling LED Sign Display Board for School, Store, Bar, Shops
Great LED Moving Message Board for Your Business!  This Money Making Machine Constantly Displays Your Own Messages, Catches the Customers' Attention, Brings Them Into Your Store Among Others!  Imagine Your Business Ad Messages on this LED Sign, Display Your Own...
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Leadleds Led Sign Outdoor Multicolor Message Sign Board Wireless Programmable, 41x16inch
Led screen commercial display outdoor Brand Name: LeadledsSize: 1040 x 400 x 90 mmInformation input: USB flash drive+WiFiBrightness adjustment: 16 levelsUse Location: Indoor or outdoor Introduction:  Size:41 x 15.7 x 3.5 inches  (1040x400x90mm) Information input: USB flash drive + wifi...
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