Multilingual HD-W60 Control Card for Full Color Display Led Sign Boards

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HD-W60-75 WIFI Control card Asynchronous 320W * 32H Pixel 2 * HUB75 Data Interface Full Color LED Display Cheap Diy Assembly

Tube Chip Color: Full Color 7 colors
Model Number: HD-W60-75
Brand Name: Leadleds
Display Function: Text/ Animation/Pictures
Working Voltage: 5V
Control range: 320W*32H, 160*64 pixles, 16 graylevel
Scanning mode: static, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/16, etc

Version: HD-W60-75 V6.01-2018.6

Scope of application: This product is suitable for all signs, storefronts, car, outdoor advertising, and other places information display;

Main advantages: WIFI+U disk transmission free wiring, low cost, simple and easy to operate software interface, display efficiency

Fruit rich effect, support more than 98% of single and double color display;

Application software: grayscale technology sixth-generation display operation software HD2016


Control card type: full color

Control range: (support 256 grayscale) three primary colors 32*160

Scanning mode: static, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/16, etc.

Communication type: U-Disk communication

Power supply range: +4.2-5.5V

Power consumption: ≤0.5W

Working environment: -20 ° C - 75 ° C

Installation size: 53.0 (H) * 75.0 (W) (mm)

Third, the performance characteristics

FLSH capacity: 8M Byte

Communication port: WIFI+U-Disk

Display color: two-color support red, green, yellow

Number of programs: 1000, support button switching

Number of zones: 20, independent partition, independent effects, independent border

Control LED pixels: 64 (H) × 640 (W) (resolution 12 K)

Display content: text, picture, time, temperature, timing, lunar calendar, animated words, Excel, counting, 3D words

Display mode: sequential display, button switching

display effect:

1, text, picture, time, timing, temperature (requires external module), etc.;

2, support program borders, area border settings, support for custom borders;

3, a variety of action modes display;

4, more than 40 kinds of text special effects display;

5, support simple animation words;

6, support hollow fonts, stroke fonts, and other settings;

7, support regional text background settings;

Clock function

1. Support perpetual calendar and analog clock;

2, positive timing, countdown display;

3. Display font, font size, color, position, etc. can be set arbitrarily;

4, support for multiple time zone display;

Expansion equipment: (Necesidad de comprar por separado)

Temperature, humidity, light sensitivity, etc.

Automatic switch screen

Support timer switch


Support three modes of brightness adjustment mode

Fourth, the interface definition


The control card is loaded with two universal 75 interfaces. The interface is defined as follows:

                        75 interface4317293181_3450159674317287168_345015967 (1) undefined




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Multilingual HD-W60 Control Card for Full Color Display Led Sign Boards
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