monocrystalline solar panel
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High Efficiency Solar Panel for LED Sign

Maximize the impact of leadleds LED signs with the high-efficiency solar panel. Harness the sun's energy to power up your...
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Power: 200W
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monocrystalline solar panel

High Efficiency Solar Panel for LED Sign


High Efficiency Solar Panel for LED Sign

Power: 200W

Maximize the impact of leadleds LED signs with the high-efficiency solar panel. Harness the sun's energy to power up your messages and images, resulting in a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Elevate your sign's potential with these solar panels.

There are many benefits to using leadleds solar panel LED signs, both for your wallet and for the planet:
Saving money on electricity bills and maintenance costs
Reducing environmental impact and carbon emissions
Providing reliable and consistent illumination even in remote locations or during power outages
Enhancing the visibility and attractiveness of the sign.

100W solar panel:
Product power: 100W ± 3%
Open circuit voltage: 21.4V ± 3%
Working voltage: 18.4V ± 3%
Short circuit current: 6.93A ± 3%
Working current: 6.60A ± 3%
Working temperature range: -40 ° C~+80 ° C

200W solar panel:
Product power: 200W ± 3%
Open circuit voltage: 21.6V ± 3%
Working voltage: 18.4V ± 3%
Short circuit current: 11.53A ± 3%
Working current: 11.3A ± 3%
Working temperature range: -40 ° C~+80 ° C

*The above parameters are based on standard test conditions, the irradiance of 1000W/㎡, component temperature of 25 °C, and atmospheric quality of AM1.5,  25°C

The battery cells have a complete IV curve, with neat welding and high-efficiency

monocrystalline solar panel

Adopting an anodized aluminum frame for easy installation and corrosion resistance

commercial solar panel

PPF anti-aging, with high-quality anti-aging backboard on the back, with good waterproof and sealing properties.

high efficiency solar panel

Attention to use: The solar panels need to be placed in an unshaded area and direct sun exposure, two hours before and after noon on sunny days, facing due south with an elevation angle between 30° and 45°, to achieve the best power generation effect.

What's in the packages:
Solar panel

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Some small items available multiple warehouses in US, EU or UK linkage fulfilled your orders ensure delivery fast! If there is no stock or custom-made order, the item will be shipped from the leadleds CN warehouse. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email with a tracking number.


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If you like by sea to transportation, you can communicate with us before you place the order.

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