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12V P5mm 64*16 Pixels SMD Wifi CAR Window Sucker LED Signage Programmable Scroll Display Panel for Business - Leadleds
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Leadleds Led Rear Window Car Sign Digital Signage Programmable Road Signs

DC12V Car Sign Phone Control Programmable Baby on Board Street Signs Frame Size: 340x96x15mm (13.3*4*0.5inches)Letter High: 3 1/5-InPixel pitch: 5mm DensityThickness: Just...
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digital mobile billboard

Leadleds Led Rear Window Car Sign Digital Signage Programmable Road Signs


Leadleds Led Rear Window Car Sign Digital Signage Programmable Road Signs


DC12V Car Sign Phone Control Programmable Baby on Board Street Signs

Frame Size: 340x96x15mm (13.3*4*0.5inches)
Letter High: 3 1/5-In
Pixel pitch: 5mm Density
Thickness: Just only 1.5cm (Ultra-thin Design)
Usage: Indoor, window, semi-outdoor
Operation: Wi-Fi connection or usb cable.
Made for Indoor usage line message Adjustable speed.
Lifespan: 100,000 hours(~ 10yrs), Low energy consumption.
Waterproof IP level: IP54 (life level waterproof)

Level 4 brightness display, you can adjust the display brightness. 

Note: It is very important to use brightness. Because of the direct sun, you need higher brightness to display the text more clearly. So this product is very suitable for car or window use. If an indoor room is used, you can adjust it to the lowest brightness.

The LED advertising display draws attention to your business highlights. Just program through a WIFI connection and you can immediately enhance your brand in the minds of your customers. LED board - lighting advertising, you can choose your own text. Suitable for different operations. Ad slots can also be customized - the price is sufficient to meet the requirements. 

For example, if you are a driver, you can edit the name of the passenger and send it to your led display. The customer will see his name in the car. This will increase your service score and passengers will give you a better rating.


One set includes:

1) 1x Led Car Sign Business Display Board

2) 1x 2M USB Cable + AC Plug

3) 2x Suction Cups

4)1x 2A car lighter 

5) 1x Software 


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 *Some LED signs are custom-made items, if we communicate by email, we'll produce and ship the items according to your confirmation.

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