Leadleds Led Sign Control Card 1024 x 64 Pixels TCP IP Serial Port Offer Protocol

Text picture LED signs Control Card Support P3 P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P8 P10mm Led module display board, support external...
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Comms Mode: TCP/IP or Serial Port
Include Protocol: Yes
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Leadleds Led Sign Control Card 1024 x 64 Pixels TCP IP Serial Port Offer Protocol

Leadleds Led Sign Control Card 1024 x 64 Pixels TCP IP Serial Port Offer Protocol


Leadleds Led Sign Control Card 1024 x 64 Pixels TCP IP Serial Port Offer Protocol

Comms Mode: TCP/IP or Serial Port
Include Protocol: Yes

Text picture LED signs Control Card Support P3 P4 P5 P6 P7.62 P8 P10mm Led module display board, support external call protocol and secondary development interface.

Display Color Ability: Monochrome, bicolor, tricolor, 7 colors without gray-scale
Display Function: Graphics/text/number/animation
Brand Name: Leadleds
Pixels: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7.62mm, 10mm,16mm
Control Range: 1024*64 832*32 416*64 544*48 Pixels
Module Interface: 4 HUB12 interfaces(2 HUB08 interfaces), 2 HUB75
Operating Temperature: -30-70℃
Software/documents: Send via a network link, no CD

[product functional specification]

Control Area

1024* 64 pixels; 7 colors without gray-scale

Memory capacity

The standard board contains 8 megabytes (64Mbit) of which the program space is 3.2 megabytes.

Support program content

Support multiple program types such as Flash (SWF), Animation (GIF), Images, Text, Clock, etc
More than 60 types of action special effects, such as drifting snow, mosaic, fan-shaped unfolding, etc; Set wrap borders independently for each window
Universal language program, with transparent overlay display of text in multiple windows
Multi-program mode, with a maximum storage capacity of thousands of programs on the screen
Menu style program hierarchical management, simple and fast editing, and management
Support program playback by time slot, accurate to week, hour, and minute

Windowing mode

Each program supports a maximum of 10 playing windows for arbitrary segmentation, and each window supports simultaneous playback of content in different formats

Subsidiary function

The board has its own real-time clock RTC management and setup. Environment data programs such as analog clocks, digital clocks, and transparent displays, support temperature

Support brightness sensor (achieve automatic adjustment of 32-level brightness)
*Temperature sensors and brightness sensors are not included.

On-board optional font

2MB font and system space

Optional loading 16 × 16, 24 × 24, 32 × 32, 40 × 40, 48 × 48, 56 × 56, etc. 
Font library which can be edited by the customer; supports a font library with up to 8 different fonts built in and displayed at the same time.

Standard software

Download from online

Communication mode

TCP/IP port: network communication

 WIFI version: integration of all versions of WIFI RS232/RS485 high-speed serial port: baud rate reach 115200 maximum

Infrared remote control and Keyboard selection[Non-included]

Support infrared remote control and keyboard broadcast program, function control

External plug-in communication accessories support

Support a variety of external wireless communication modes: ZigBee module, RF wireless module, etc.


Provide rich secondary development interface and interface manual, provide secondary development demo program and source code


With 4 HUB12 interfaces(2 HUB08 interfaces), 2 HUB75 interfaces

Packing List:

Control card

The software will be provided online



led control card

Display effect:
digital led displays

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